IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Amila children’s 3-in-1 thermostatic outdoor jacket

by Amila/ Hangzhou Duodian Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This 3-in-1 detachable children's outdoor jacket is expertly crafted to satisfy the requirements of children's outdoor pursuits. Drawing inspiration from the "science of children's somatic sensation," the jacket is ingeniously engineered to be lightweight, protective, adaptable, warm, and breathable. It ensures a comfortable wearing experience that provides children with a consistent temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, just like being in the gentle spring breeze.
The design of this children's outdoor jacket emphasizes both comfort and safety, considering children's active play and need for breathability. Inspired by the concept of "childism", the fabric design modeled after the natural thermal and moisture regulation abilities of penguins. The outer layer consists of a windproof, waterproof, and oilproof "three-proof film" paired with a "breathable membrane" to mimic the moisture permeability and breathability of a penguin's outer feathers, achieving a moisture permeability index of over 10,000. This design allows for rapid moisture and heat dissipation, reducing discomfort from sweating and keeping the skin dry and cool to minimize the risk of catching a cold during outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the inner layer consists of soft, fine, heat-retaining polar fleece, capable of trapping body heat to keep children warm in cold environments. It also features anti-static conductive fibre for long-lasting comfort without static, even after multiple washes.
Practical details include two chest pockets for easy carrying of small items, adjustable cuffs for a seamless transition between breathability and warm-keeping, and reflective prints on chest, cuffs, zip and other parts to enhance children's safety during nighttime travel.
The available colour options, including bright pink, green, and yellow, cater to children's vibrant and endearing natures, accommodating diverse aesthetic preferences. The incorporation of the "dot" element in the lower jacket embodies the original idea of "connecting everything with children's creativity," serving to not only bolster brand recognition but also align with children's aesthetic inclinations.

Amila/ Hangzhou Duodian Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2011, Amila provides full-scene children's clothing for children of all ages, covering daily, holiday, festival and other multiple scenes, focusing on accompanying children's entire childhood. Integrated with aesthetics, dialogue with the world, and always uphold the concept of "let children discover beauty". We hope that children can open the door to explore the world through our products, feel the beauty of life, stimulate imagination, and cultivate aesthetic ability while wearing, so that children can discover beauty!

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