IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Liu Lixia,Yang Zhen

Project Description

The office is located on the Qinhuai River, in the late Qing Dynasty historical building complex.
We use the method of creating a private house to combine the functions of living and home with business and office, and integrate different spatial attributes.
Through the green and ancient buildings outside the window, you can feel the change of seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The first glimmer of light through the glass window creates a dreamy light and shadow, and allows the complex work and poetic situation to overlap here, enjoying the warmth and comfort brought by the sun and the air.
The space does not do too much complex modeling, simple display brief lines and refined framework, explore the most appropriate form of the space, and give the exclusive space a unique temperament.
The design of the overall space returns to simplicity and purity, abandoning too many techniques and restrained expression, so that light and shadow naturally wander in the space. The order of the space is gradually progressive, and the virtual and real are alternated. Fold light, shadow and color, allowing space to grow freely and radiate new vitality in silence. In order to meet more functional needs in the limited space, we use the open and closed central axis can be rotated wooden partition to divide the space, both define the space layout and provide a hidden negotiation area.
Use delicate and unique wood, soft paint to construct the entire space. In low saturation tones, we convey delicate emotions through light and materials to achieve a pure and clean atmosphere expression of the entire space, and the users of the space can be immersed in it to the maximum extent. The whole space is divided into front office, office area, reception area, negotiation and materials room. The reception area forms the central axis of space between the office area and the negotiation area. The exposed beam and column structure in the building forms a dialogue between architecture and space with the old building outside the window, enriching the progressive relationship of space and creating a more artistic life scene. Apart from the continuous space at a glance, there is a straight and transparent and smooth.The facade, made of cement columns, stainless steel, black wood grain and glass, gives the impression of a young and pioneering business, which is transformed into a pure and clean home atmosphere when stepping inside.
We try to inject natural poetry and imagination into the space, paying more attention to people's experience in the space than the functional existence of the space. The grille beams formed by the walls, like building blocks, stack up to create a surprising spatial effect. With the passage of time, the change of light and shadow gives different personalities to the space, and designs the unique living space into a home space that can accommodate different emotions.
The design returns to modern nature, The wood veneer with texture temperature is matched with metal material, The white plaster is used to create a breathable texture in a large area of the space,Supplemented with "living" embellishments such as green plants and birds to increase the vitality of the space.The staggered use of black, white and gray is open, but also hidden and minimalist. Here is occupied by silence and natural light, bookcase, desk, leisure sofa cleverly integrated, so that the entire office space presents a relaxed and harmonious temperament.

Liu Lixia

Lili she & several form space design firm director of the firm / D-life Design and Life magazine / Design Jinling Project tutor

Yang Zhen

Lili she & several form space design firm director of the firm / post-90s young designer

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