IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

ZuiJiaoLuo Boutique B&B

by Yangzheng Bao

Project Description

The form of brutalist sculpture establishes a special right of appreciation for architectural materials and structural features.
Tall buildings with visually geometric lines, solid concrete frames, exaggerated floor slabs, double-height ceilings, huge taboo walls, exposed concrete and a mostly monochromatic palette, brutalist architecture prioritises function over form and puts simplicity over flashy design. The designer compares the building to a rough and natural living space and abstracts irregular geometric blocks. Different from straight lines, the triangular angular structure brings strong visual tension to the building. In the design of the facade of the building, the designer added a lot of visual considerations, through the combination of floor-to-ceiling glass and volume, each guest room can have the best view of the outside.

Yangzheng Bao

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