IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Summer

Projet Description

This dessert coffee shop is located in a park in a residential downtown area. The park is an abandoned newspaper factory. The structure and exterior walls of the original building have the interesting characteristics of the old buildings, and retain their own taste. Combining the old and the new, starting from the building itself, the designer cuts and divides the space, distinguishes between blocks and faces, and opens up the relationship between lines. The original building structure is partially retained, and the block relationship is used on the large side to cut the top to allow light to enter the indoor space. The irregular arrangement of lights connects the new and old buildings, and the mottle under the shadow of the tree adds the agility of light to the space.
The presentation of the main entrance bar keeps the same texture as the indoor space. The large black retaining wall, the bar counter and the pool are interspersedly connected through the wall, inside the space structure and outside the space structure, forming a highly unified spatial vision.
The top surface of the original building is retained, outdoor light is introduced, and the vertical line expression of the lamps forms the natural movement of the space.



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