IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhongliang Hangzhou – Yunduhui sales office

by Zhejiang sichuanghe architectural decoration design co., LTD.

Projet Description

Design concept source: modern new metropolis, new metropolis life is the embodiment of diversification and westernization. While absorbing modern western civilization, it also has a nostalgic plot for traditional Chinese culture.
Design concept: This project integrates the traditional Chinese context into the modern design context. Under the premise of limited space, "see the big from the small" fully tap the display potential. It is hoped that through the "metaphor" way, the "implicit" spirit of Chinese culture that emphasizes the meaninglessness and unrevealing of emotions can be reflected in some details, so as to convey the Chinese concept.

Zhejiang sichuanghe architectural decoration design co., LTD.

TCC Design(Zhejiang Sichuan Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.) brings together outstanding domestic architectural planners and interior designers. Since its establishment, it has jointly carried out several projects in the real estate industry in China to jointly work with customers to humanize the living environment. Including residential commercial architectural design, hotel interior design, clubhouse, sample room, sales office interior design, environmental soft design and so on. The company has rich interior design experience and high quality of more than 60 senior design team, has always upheld to meet or exceed customer expectations for the company's ultimate goal, adhering to breakthrough, creative, style, careful professional design spirit. We have undertaken and completed a number of excellent large-scale interior decoration engineering designs. Through providing high-quality and professional design services, we have created a good brand image in the field of interior architectural design and won a large number of loyal customers. And maintain long-term cooperation with large groups in various industries at home and abroad.

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