IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhonghai Qujiang Dacheng

by Wu Denggao

Projet Description

The owner is a successful man, with the pursuit of the quality of life, and the overall design requires luxury and texture. Transformation plan: the living room area construction, do the suite design, the middle area to transform the spiral staircase. Design concept: Jane luxury doctrine is more than just style Straight Angle, geometric design emit rational light —— logical thinking, intellectual beauty and the tough temperament of industrialization integration, and perfect combination with gray space. Jane is not material poor, but in the spirit of ease, Jane is not empty life, but the heart is simple.Luxury, from the master follower, originally refers to everyone's tolerance, abandon its vulgar desire, save its beauty, is for beauty.

Wu Denggao

Chinese Interior Designer
Registration number: ZB20803174
Graduated from: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
Design concept: to carve life with an artistic vision
Design style: Chinese style is simple and European type is minimalist
Working time: 17 years
Shanxi Yigao Space Design Engineering Co., Ltd Founder, Design Director
2017 Swedish College of Color completed color major;
2021-2022 China New Real Estate Design Conference;
2021 Golden Residence Award-China Baijie Residential Space Designer;
2020 China Design New Youth Selection "City Recommendation Officer";
2020 design work "Shizhong Mu" won the excellent residential soft decoration design in Shaanxi province;
2019 G 2019 Tencent Home Sohu Focus home outstanding designer;olden Hall Award National Top 100 Pioneer List Top 100 Designers;
2019 German high instrument residential elite list TOP108 craftsman;
2019 ThyssenKrupp Cup Villa Design Competition Classic Design Award;
"Young Designer Leader of the Year" of the third Xi'an Architectural Decoration Design Award in 2019;
2018 Golden Nan Award Design Competition Excellence Award;
2018, he won the title of "Young Designer Leader" in the second Xi'an Architectural Decoration Design;
2018 design work "Zhonghai Bai Shixian House" was obtained The second Xi'an Architectural Decoration Design Villa Silver Award;
2018 design work "Longhu Fragrant Pier" was obtained The second Xi'an Architectural Decoration Design Model Room Design Excellence Award;
2017 China (Shaanxi) Design Outstanding Youth;
2017 Fourth Fengshang Cup New Chinese Style Design Competition best scheme Award;
2017 First Hutchison Wanjia Cup Design and Design Competition Excellence Award;
2017 Creative Life Design Golden Butterfly Award;
2017 Commercial Tourism Real Estate Annual Excellent Residential Apartment Designer;
As the Asia-Pacific Space Art Master in 2017;
2016 The third China Architectural Decoration Design Art Exhibition won the bronze award;
20153rd [Fengshang Kyocera Cup] New Chinese Design Competition Best Function layout award;
2014 Residential decoration industry Excellent designer;
2013 Residential decoration industry Excellent designer;
2011--2013 Chief Designer of Shaanxi 90 Dynasties Decoration;
From 2013 to 2016, Beijing Fengshang Mansion decoration expert designer;
Excellent Design Award of 2012 Nest Cup Design Competition;
Won the title of Shaanxi Province Excellent Design in 2011;
2009 Home Design Competition;
2004- -2010 Beijing Yuanzhou Decoration chief designer;

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