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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

Yibin Zhen The building area of the center is 1320 square meters [hall] - the entrance hall creates an elegant, tasteful and implicit atmosphere, which is different from the traditional commercial place facade. There is a magnetic field of natural communication between people and space. Stainless steel plate, marble, cloth and other materials interweave with each other, and the grey of depth and depth overlaps. The rigidity and rationality are calm and soft. The characteristics of water show the contradiction of art, and constitute a high-level and quiet commercial space; The bright orange highlights the brand, brings aesthetic experience through visual senses, and shows the business philosophy of "essential aesthetics" of the medical school. It is simple and pure, which is his intrinsic motivation, in order to achieve a result rather than a goal. [product exhibition area] - elegant and restrained exhibition hall design with warm orange and calm black, looming product display, mysterious and elegant like a museum, and smooth and stretch space like water waves through the ingenious integration of light, shadow and material, which is the best combination of content and form. The natural flow, uncertainty, fuzzy boundaries and qualitative art make people curious to immerse themselves in the exhibition area. [elevator hall on the first floor] - introduce the flow curve intention into the room, break the single moving line of the original structure, bring more spiritual dimensions from the beautiful field, and achieve the freedom and openness of the space. In the design of elevator hall, try to use color as partition, and use bright and colorful statue decorations to distinguish functional areas, reflecting inclusiveness and intercommunication, standardizing customers' moving lines and bringing unique spatial personality. [aesthetic design room] - the aesthetic design room presents a high-end private custom-made room, with black-and-white contrast and bright color applications, such as icebergs colliding with rocks and waves hitting the reef and shore, showing the spatial level and artistic sense and refining more pure artistic taste; With the logical moving line of parallel and orderly progress, it deduces the rhythm of natural water and redefines the charm of aesthetics. With reverse thinking, starting from the space itself, the high level of aesthetic design is set off through specific space display forms. [toilet] - break the conventional toilet design, take the aesthetically shaped wash table as the space center, and make staggered distribution in the space carrier and soft decoration design. The circular arc and geometric high-low division, flow, softness and silent division of functional zones. Each independent toilet contains a dressing area and private space, giving women a sense of security and convenience. [life beauty area] - the red wall with gradual change from top to bottom, like the guidance of light, brings the sense of rhythm and rhythm of the space. Under the collision of various materials and special-shaped space, the whole space field forms a harmonious and interactive symphony. Manicure and ice compress here are like a dream shining into reality. [roadshow hall] - the abstract extraction of natural intentions such as waves and waves makes the space no longer regular and flat. The bright surface of the roof is decorated like the Milky way, and the curved stands on the ground are like water waves, soft, flowing and hierarchical. They enter the roadshow hall by surrounding the moving line, and walk naturally, so that people can rotate and cycle around.


2016 national champion of China humanistic design competition
The best commercial space design of 2016 China humanities Design Competition
2020 pioneer fashion creation competition trend space group · Excellence Award
2020 40 under 40 outstanding young people in China (Sichuan)
2021 40 under 40 China (Yibin) design outstanding youth
Top 100 Chinese home decoration design in 2021
2021 China new real estate design conference · top ten villa designers of the year
2021 China new real estate design conference · outstanding villa designer of the year
2021 golden residence award · top ten residential space designers in China (Yibin)
2021 golden case award · national winning award
2021 Asian soft clothing fashion award · winner
2021 her design · excellent space Work Award
2021grp Sino Italian international design golden index award · winning award

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