IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yunnan Chiya Building Museum Wetland Park Hotel

by Xue Wen Kang

Projet Description

Main Materials: Thai teak, Myanmar rosewood, imported stone, Berigin stone, water knife parquet stone, agate jade, silk hand-painted hard package, copper partition, stainless steel, Belgium imported flooring, art glass, Mosaic, piano paint, wood veneer, transparent jade.
Project introduction: The project is located in kaiyuan, the central city of the transportation fortress in southeast Yunnan, which is subtropical. The project is closely connected with fenghuangshan Ecological Wetland Park, the latest development zone in Kaiyuan. The design and construction of the project Chiya Building is based on the Huizhou style of the water town in the South of the Yangtze River. According to the local subtropical climate and history and culture, the designer discussed with the owner to create a new cultural tourism resort and museum hotel in Kaiyuan, Yunnan. Combined with the advantages of the project in the wetland park, the designer created a resort hotel integrating culture, nature and vacation, running through the indoor and outdoor landscape. In order to let the guest can easily feel no marginal pool in a tropical climate with cool and refreshing, so I decided to apply new Chinese and Asian mix building a style technique of expression, make indoor space full of tolerance and prestige, and elegant quality, gives a good experience to the guest, in a rational way of thinking to return to the nature of the holiday leisure, focuses on the function of the order and at the same time, Infuse peace, serenity, and warmth. This project has planned the museum exhibition area, Southeast Asia conference room, Pu 'er tea experience area, star-rated restaurant, cinema, KTV, gym, infinity pool and other punching points; The rooms are divided into: deluxe king-size room, deluxe standard room, business standard room, deluxe dining room, all of the rooms are equipped with five-star standard toilets, intelligent warm lighting throughout the room makes the whole space feel enjoyable and comfortable. That's what design is, being in it! When you open the window, breeze in the window, a beautiful subtropical scenery comes into view, drink a cup of coffee, lie by the infinity pool and enjoy the private romance away from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe the fresh air of nature!

Xue Wen Kang
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