IDPA Japan Design Award

Yujiangnan · Yunnijian

by Chen xi

Projet Description

The work is located inJieyang, the water city of Lingnan, with a unique hollow duplex structure and a classic symmetrical new Chinese style.
Inspired by the gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, taking the flavor of the ancient town scholarly courtyard, moving the ancient flavor into the noisy city center, showing the Chinese classical and cozy style. Entering the entrance, using the curved balcony shape, cleverly embedded in the stair structure, like the gurgling water flowing in the mountains; at a turning point, the feeling of double picking is unfolding in front of your eyes.
Based on walnut wood, the natural wood texture of Fraxinus mandshurica reveals the life connotation of the original texture. The symmetry between the square and the inch, the dark marbled imposing TV wall, creates a profound artistic conception of paintings and books. Make better use of dark and light wooden frame wall panels to create a sense of hierarchy by creating window frames. It echoes the slow pace and mansion atmosphere of Suzhou-Hangzhou Ancient Town.

Chen xi
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