IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by 2077 Commercial Space Design

Project Description

YUANBAO cafe is located in Chifeng Road, Tianjin, which originally belonged to the French Concession of Tianjin, and is also the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Tianjin, where fashion and classics converge.
In the design process, we consciously introduce outdoor French architectural elements combined with futuristic elements, start from the brand color to design, through neon rendering to set the overall tone, the use of stainless steel and the original wall makes a strong contrast between old and new, enhancing the layering and richness of the space, retro industrial style and futurism collide, the space empowers the brand, to achieve the sense of enjoyment of entering the space.
This project is a coffee shop in the morning, and a bar in the evening, designed to closely connect the space through coffee and vinyl, creating a unique temperament to this project. For this, we divide the space on both sides of the bar to achieve functional integration and maximum rational utilization.
The treatment of the entrance uses LED light strips to strengthen the beauty of the original structure, presenting a layered feeling, highlighting the impact of vision. Consciously make the building located in the courtyard jump out as a whole, so that giving pedestrians passing by a strong visual impact.
Coming to the interior of the space, the classical plaster shape and mosaic parquet tiles on the top surface are the highlights of the entire space, extending the space, and the red luminous LOGO at the end is the key to opening the entrance to a new world. Add its sense of ritual through the turnstiles, into the night, and into the freedom.

2077 Commercial Space Design

TOP100 Honors listed:
2023 MUSE International Design Award Gold Award in the Interior Design Category
2022 MUSE International Design Award Gold Medal in the Interior Design Category
2022 IWDA Workplace Innovation Design Award for Medium Office Space
2022 AMP Architecture MasterPrize Honorable Mention in the Office Space Category of Interior Design
2022 AMP Architecture MasterPrize Interior Design Exhibition Category Honorable Mention
2022 Italy A-Design Award International Design Interior Design Honorable Mention
2021 JinTang Award for Outstanding Office Space Design of the Year
2021 JinTang Award for Outstanding Restaurant Space Design of the Year
2020-2021 Top Ten Most Original Design Institutions in China's Building Decoration Industry
2021 BDA Bauhaus Modern Design Award
2021 Top 10 in China in the Shijianfang Design Competition

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