IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

YiCheng times square T7 marketing center

by Lei Hu, Zhou Zhou

Projet Description

The soft decoration design of this case follows the new Chinese style of hard decoration. In the process of inheriting the traditional cultural form, I hope to capture the life wisdom and aesthetics of the Chinese. The changes in the five elements and colors, interspersed with Chinese elements such as mountains, clouds, water, birds, pine, and cypress, are complemented by the memory and warmth of Chinese culture under the tough and bright modern rhythm. The interpretation of different materials and the orderly color jump will give visitors an intimate and new dream-like viewing experience. Architecture and interior are an important carrier of cultural inheritance. It brings us not only majestic and magnificent feelings, but also the culture contained in it. The beauty of nature and the beauty of humanity are completely integrated, and the complexity is reduced to simplicity, which fits the essence of the design of Chinese style implicit inner show.

Lei Hu, Zhou Zhou
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