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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Y House


Projet Description

“Y House” is a work led by designer Stacy Guo. Stacy graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and has been engaged in the design industry for more than ten years. She is focusing on the study of Chinese aesthetics and living, and has been constantly exploring and making breakthroughs.
This project is the reconstruction of old houses with large flat floors. The owner hopes to build it into a simple and clean space suitable for parent-child interaction. The overall tone takes high-grade gray as the main tone, with warm and moist wood to create a highly designed and comfortable living space. Through the application of various materials such as high-grade leather, stone and wood, the aesthetic feeling and level of the space are released. The originally closed guest restaurant is opened, the balcony of the living room is closed, and the kitchen is transformed into an open kitchen. The multi-functional layout makes the sense of space permeability and moving line more reasonable. The kitchen is an important expression of exquisite life. The designer integrates the kitchen, bar and dining area. The gray island platform is simple and has a sense of design. The cabinet is installed against the wall. In addition to accommodating embedded electrical appliances, all other spaces are designed as storage cabinets. There is no complex furniture in the living room, which shows a simple and elegant aesthetic feeling, allowing the abundant release of the space. The master bedroom continues to be based on the advanced gray tone, and the practical and concise layout is the most primitive state of life. Advanced skin texture and light rendering in the senior room are the most comfortable and warm return of life. The children's rooms abandon the lively and jumping color and present a steady attitude.


XISODECO focuses on personalized interior design. It is a full-dimensional design service company integrating private house design, hard decoration construction, three major customization (cabinet, furniture, curtains) and imported home accessories retail.

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