IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Xingtai No.1 Courtyard Villa

by Roshan

Projet Description

Xingtai No. 1 courtyard has a design area of 360 square meters, modern style, and the space is mainly in neutral colors, with red orange as the embellishment. Elegant and high-class are the first impressions that catch the eye. While paying attention to the warmth of home and the breath of life, the design gives the space a luxurious soul and reconstructs the modern Italian style.
The light is appropriate, allowing the unbounded communication between indoor and outdoor. The marble and glass materials collide with a high-cold and fashionable texture, and cleverly endow the space with a perceivable attitude towards life. The soft brilliance reflected by the light gives rise to the ritual sense of condensing life here. The wall art installations and sculptures give the space temperament and soul between the virtual and the reality, giving an immersive experience of the artistic atmosphere. No matter which angle you observe, it is difficult to conceal its edge. The study room is a place where the spiritual world is placed in the hustle and bustle of the world. The uniquely shaped desk highlights the modern and fashionable temperament in the collision of colors and materials. Every piece of art on the bookshelf becomes an embellishment of daily life. Beige and coffee colors create an elegant and gentle atmosphere. Leather and velvet bedding are matched with high-end colors to express the ritual sense of life in an artistic atmosphere. Abstract freehand art installations and ornaments, all elements coordinated to create a quiet and tranquil space, returning to the warmth of home.


严岑,深圳市曼格空间艺术有限公司创始人,艺术总监,资深软装设计师。 从业10年,主持多项地产、酒店空间软装设计及执行,擅长空间的文化软装设计,擅长结合运营思维的空间生态软装设计,荣获中国设博会华鼎奖,中国十佳设计机构创始人等奖励。

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