IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Xiguan Bamboo House Renovation


Project Description

This project is a highly representative traditional Xiguan dwelling known as the " Bamboo House". The building has a history of over a hundred years, and its structure has severely deteriorated, posing safety risks.The house follows the typical layout of a Bamboo House with narrow bays and long depth, resulting in narrow and dark passages.
Before commencing the design work, we conducted a comprehensive "examination" of the building's structure. We carried out necessary structural reinforcements to provide a higher load threshold for the new renovation and improved seismic performance. We also performed mechanical calculations based on the test data, allowing us to assess the extent of necessary changes to ensure structural safety and avoid impractical modifications that could negatively impact the structure.
Regarding the interior layout, we pursued an integration and openness of space. On the second floor, we created an interconnected open space that incorporates functions such as receiving guests, dining, and communication, forming a multi-layered overall space. When needed, sliding doors can be used to flexibly separate and distinguish independent, non-interfering functional areas.
We concentrated all the bedrooms on the third floor and left the traffic areas as open as possible, introducing the concept of a "family square." Upon exiting the rooms, residents no longer see a closed corridor but instead encounter a place filled with sunlight, landscape, and diverse experiences.
Vertically through the entire building, we placed a double-height space in the center and transformed the original straight staircase into a turning one, allowing for the separation of visitor paths from private areas. After residents enter from the ground floor through the stairs, their sightlines and routes are gently enclosed by the entryway, leading them through a turning point into the living room. This spatial turning point provides users with visual and psychological buffering.
In addition, we inserted an atrium through all three floors of the narrow space, allowing sunlight to filter in from the top, and then utilizing hollowing and diffuse reflection, directing light to the ground floor at a certain angle.


VALUE WORKS ARCHITECTS was founded in 2020. All its founding members received master’s degrees in architecture from South China University of Technology (SCUT) and worked as architectural designers in class A architectural design and research institute. The firm has rich architectural space design experience and outstanding project landing control ability. Relying on the multi-disciplinary scientific research system of Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT, the firm can provide multi-dimensional integrated consulting services on architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, HVAC and electrical, so as to provide a comprehensive and solid technical guarantee for project equality. Since its establishment, we have always adhered to the people-oriented design concept, dedicated to creating a high-quality living space integrating function, beauty and situational atmosphere experience. We have adhered to simple, sincere, yet insightful space design whlie paying attention to the origin of human nature and life. We have focused on researching construction logic and structural details, and committed to integrated design on architecture, indoor space, and landscape. We are willing to work with every customer with the same value concept to create a beautiful,practical,and truly poetic dream home.

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