IDPA Japan Design Award

Wuhan world trade dragon bay

by Zhonghui Liu

Projet Description

From Laozi's "Tao De Jing": "At the beginning of all things, great principles are the simplest and evolve to complex".
The big reason is often extremely simple. The simplicity is not poverty, but the awakening after the prosperity, it is the state of eliminating the complexity and reducing the simplicity.
The villa design in this case adopts the new Chinese style, following the nobility and dignity of the traditional culture of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China, and the coexistence of elegance and atmosphere, coexistence of implicit and refined.
The interior mostly adopts symmetrical layout, elegant style and simple style. It refines classic Chinese elements and is compatible with modern styles and materials. It not only reflects people's pursuit of oriental spirit, but also injects new breath into the living space.
The user-friendly layout, in terms of shape, pattern, lighting, material and color, is simplified and more integrated with nature, creating an elegant and noble home space, highlighting the luxury and elegance.

Zhonghui Liu
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