IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wuhan villa

by DXD Future

Project Description

Nature is fascinating, nature is the most moving
Inside the courtyard, a dialogue with nature. Life is also happening quietly in this quadripartite courtyard. The outdoor landscape permeates the interior and blends in with the space
When light enters the room, the visual perception is lengthened vertically, breaking the dull pattern, so it is more free and full of power.
The flowing light in the space, the light and shadow mottled reflect the texture of the building; Time is rushing like flowing water, it is like an arrow of time, but at the moment, I want it to slow down.

DXD Future

The future of elephants focuses on exploring spatial relationships, spatial layout, and human flow lines. Through the grasp of scale, the use of materials, through the observation of nature and the accumulation of understanding of life, to better control the accuracy of design, and strive to bring customers a rich and delicate life experience. Feel the truth, feel the stillness, feel the happiness.

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