IDPA Japan Design Award

Warm Winter Sun

by Li Yang

Projet Description

This case mainly uses black and white color with log color to create a warm and bright atmosphere of the space; Modern elements such as wood, marble and metal are used in materials. Lighting without main lighting, in different scenes to create a different space atmosphere; In the design style; By the owner of the paper we extract a few keywords, senior feeling, warm and elegant, functional, according to this a few keywords, we design thought, according to the demand we are in the place that take the door on the space program in addition to the study of space, itself a person living alone study takes the form of the sliding door of glass of the space planning as a half open, At the same time, we also changed the orientation of the kitchen door. In order not to affect the effect of the TV background wall, we later used the design of the invisible door to integrate the TV background wall. The material selection also selected some soft wood grain texture and champagne paint to make the space more warm. The cloakroom of the bedroom is planned as a U-shaped space display, but the bedroom space is relatively compact. We boldly gave up the way of separating space by wall, and directly replaced the concept of wall with cabinet board to complete the clothing and hat space. Consider the distance between cloakroom and bed body very close can bring oppressive feeling to the space, the effect of light and shadow that applied lamplight in the upper part of cabinet body lets cabinet body backplane have administrative levels feeling more, let bedroom space zhang Relaxation have degree.

Li Yang

Founder and design director of Beijing 3.5 Dimension Space;
Senior interior Designer; 2018 China Interior Design Top 100 New Designers;
2019 China Annual Person Elite Designer;
2020 Asia-pacific Space Design Life Aesthetician of the Year;
2020-2021 Silver Prize of International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition;

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