IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Warm twilight house

by WWT architect & associates

Projet Description

The design is a renovation of a 30-year-old house, which abandons elaborate decorations and focuses more on the expression of inner quality and the realization of practical use needs. A simple design approach is adopted complemented by clean lines and warm natural materials. It expands the visual and spatial scale in a limited space with good ventilation and indoor lightning, achieving a simple and comfortable living philosophy.By preserving the historical traces of the traditional architecture, the designer perpetuates the residents' memories of the old house. Due to the characteristics of his occupation, the resident pays great attention to the visiting feature of the house to facilitate social activities.The old building has many defects in terms of floor height and building structure. In order to expand the visual and spatial scale in the limited space and avoid the oppressive feeling caused by the low floor height, the designer abolishes suspended ceiling and keeps the concrete ceiling with a perfect flatness after 6-7 sanding processes.The window structure is retained to ensure sufficient sunlight inside, which emphasizes the interaction between the building structure and the light. The warm sunlight during the day and the soft lighting at night soften the atmosphere of the space and allow the residents to completely release their stress.The interior wood decorated walls and cabinets are assembled from solid wood slices, each of which is natural wood selected from the sorce.After simple processing, the true texture of the tree is preserved.Invisible doors are used without destroying the integrity of the wall, making the space more harmonious as a whole.

WWT architect & associates

The main business of Wu Weiting Architects Inc. includes architectural design, landscape and environmental planning, interior design, exhibition design and furniture design. The company has been engaged in the design of about 1,200 buildings and has drafted lots of rules and regulations such as the Kaohsiung City Temporary Building Management Regulations. It is recognized as a strong emerging company in design and combined review of regulations and is also committed to collaborating with artists from different fields to create socially beneficial works.

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