IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

This is a two-storey villa. Although it is not big, it is smart and exquisite, with good lighting and ventilation, suitable spatial scale, and there are two gardens in front and back of it. It is very popular with us because it has the potential to be transformed into a good work.
The consideration of our plane reconstruction is to create a space which is transparent from north to south, full of sunshine and integrated indoors and outdoors. Taking this as the guiding ideology, we re-optimized the original layout as below:
In addition to meet the using function of the entrance porch, a tea room is set up in the entrance garden. There is a small courtyard between the teahouse and the restaurant, which does not affect the lighting of the restaurant, but adds outdoor scenery to the restaurant.
In order to create zero distance feeling between the living room and the garden, we changed the layout of the living room, so that the public space of the living room is completely consistent with the garden, and we also change the glass sliding door into a folding door so that it can be completely opened, and the boundaries between indoor and outdoor were blurred and merged with each other.
Due to there are functional spaces such as stairs, storage rooms and guest bathrooms between restaurants, in order to integrate them together without fragmentation, we plan to make a relatively thick arch door opening, which makes this place not only integral, but also a major visual focus in the center of the whole space.
We closely linked the layout of the garden with the interior, and planned the space outside the visual range of the living room as functional rooms such as laundry equipment rooms, and the places within the visual range of the living room were built as the best places. The design style of the garden is not a very delicate style, but a style that returns to nature with a little wild interest. The sunken seating area enriches the spatial level of the garden, and the infinite waterscape around the sunken area adds a touch of aura.
We also fully considered the connection with the garden in the design of the master bedroom on the second floor, not only leaving a spacious balcony to coexist with the garden, but also placing the bathtub in the master bathroom close to the window of the garden, which makes us feel bathed in flowers.
In the design style of the space facade, we reached a consensus with the owner that it is modern, simple, fresh and natural. However, after the design went deep to a certain extent, the owner slowly found that her preferences were very extensive, and the previous style could not finish her preferences. The owner has a lot of experiences in traveling around the world, and has preferences for architecture and humanistic styles around the world, and wants to put these wonderful memories into her own home. We think that the change of her thought is different from the tone set before, but it is not a contradiction in principle. We can do this design with a more open and receptive attitude. We have optimized and refined the owner's favorite things, so that they can be harmoniously integrated into this space, but we should carefully scrutinize the proportion and scale they occupy, and give up. All these are consistent with the guiding ideology of transparency and openness and integration with nature.

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd. is an independent design company jointly established by several well-known designers in the industry in 2014. It is the vice president unit of Chongqing Federation of Architectural Interior Design Enterprises.
With rich design experience, surging creative inspiration and good professional ethics, the company has not only been recognized by the market, but also by the academia.
Each of our design schemes is customized according to the own situation of the customer, rather than mass production; namely, each set of design has its own unique charm. We will think from the customer's point of view. In order to ensure that every work can be done to the best, we attach great importance to the control of each link in the construction process!
We hope that the final effect of each project is exquisite, rather than virtual renderings!

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