IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

The design of the artistic brick that catches your eye, stepping into the Tyndall effect with the sun setting through the lighting, gives you a sense of enjoyment of being in nature. I hope that you can also capture a sense of peace when you fall into the hustle and bustle, here every touch is the existence of the heart-like, the same space from different angles but there are different artistic conception, the sun rises and the Moon Falls quietly here.
The entire space covers an area of 1000㎡, the micro-cement floor with art paint wall, similar color makes the whole space more minimalist breath, special color-mixing custom-made gold art paint is presented in each space bit by bit. Window view of the lake, the Sun in every corner here, river, prosperity, east both, nine cranes, Qingjian District... . Waiting to be explored, each space presents a different style, designers will shrink into the Mars here, with antique tea room reception, orange-blue series of soft and hard outfit, fun-filled“Children's playground”.....
Through the Art Gallery of time, leave the Culture & craft precipitation, designers series of pieces are in their own position flash, each space is a unique artistic presentation, immersive experience: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, cloakroom... Everything related to home can be found here.


Timone was founded in 2015, for domestic and foreign private residential, commercial, catering, office, entertainment and hotel space, focus on building a set of professional design, construction, soft landing as one of the Integrated Design brand, founded so far, Shiyi has become a professional design team with more than 50 people and a global vision, and covers more than 20 cities of project design and floor management experience.

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