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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Twelve Thai pig · Star Matai cuisine brand store

by Joy Leung

Projet Description

Twelve Thai pig · Star Matai cuisine brand store as a new Thai style Thai cuisine restaurant, with Thai traditional boat noodles as the shop's characteristics.​ Starting from the traditional boat culture, how to accurately express the spirit and sense of experience it has to bear is the focus and key of the design itself. How to fully shape an environment and design with a sensory atmosphere, rather than a simple Thai restaurant, is the designer's serious consideration and positioning. As a space designer, space and design are undoubtedly the foundation of my work, so that the space is natural and elegant, so that customers can feel the rhythm of life and the breath of nature in every step of the restaurant, which is the soul and concept I want to give this project.The design of this project starts with [ship] and takes [motion] as the core. Every step takes a different scene.Staggered overlap and everything becomes one.Stepping into the courtyard, the vision winds forward with the space, enhancing the sense of space and rich sense of space, as if in the green field, quiet and relaxed, the space is far and near for a while, as if with the green field forward, we can explore more feelings and experience with the extension of life.
From the material began to implement and realize the core of the design concept, the restaurant sprung roof decoration design is mainly bamboo as material, the top device is mainly divided into two parts, the inner field with different zigzagging forms of bamboo, winding clever, like water like movement,the part near the courtyard combines the elements of the skylight of the building itself and the lighting conditions, with the tropical fish device made of bamboo, which echoes the floating ceiling decoration in the inner field. The lighting at every moment will give the whole installation a different feeling and visual form. Side wall to join the light green color transparent acrylic and wooden art installation for the design elements, different height of square tube yakeli through skylights light in surface ship, the light and shadow form of clear performance make every audience feel relaxed and comfortable, device with geometric and lighting, construct a unique aesthetics of humanity and nature.
Green green bamboo,fragrance of a flower, this is the world's most primitive thing, but now we are trying to find it. I hope that in this complex and oppressive city, I can leave an oasis of leisure and elegance, touchThe rhythm of nature, feel the inner peace and relieve the miscellaneous life.Living in a prosperous city, most of the spaces we face are derivatives of data analysis and rational judgment. Based on the pace of urban life and the pressure of work, we need a free and relaxed space that can exchange feelings with each other. Space is not only the place where we live and move, but also the carrier of emotion and memory. Sensory experience, artistry and memory points are the direction and pursuit of our design.

Joy Leung

Founder and chief designer of Fanshan Structural Design Firm
Bachelor of Display Art and Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Born in 1990 in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.
In 2015, he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree.
In 2019, founded the Fanshan Structural Design Office in Beijing and Guangzhou.

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