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Projet Description

This case is a wedding dress studio located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The operator is a young literary couple after 95. Based on their enthusiasm and professionalism for wedding dress, after operating a small workshop for three years, the existing space can no longer accommodate their ideals. At this time, we accepted their entrustment, Start the ideal design for the next entrepreneurial space.
The starting point of the design is to create a definite image for troes, which should be specific, clear and touchable, so as to expand more possibilities of troes in the future. For us, first of all, it is a wedding dress studio. It should be a place worth visiting once in a lifetime, which is the basis for the operator to make efforts and sweat to build.
Secondly, it is a space, a carrier, a place full of hopes and dreams.
The floor height of the space where this case is located is low, and there are beams in many places. The original plane structure has multiple corners, and there is an elevator maintenance room in the center of the space. This location is unusable and must be accessible in the future. Therefore, its existence has to be bypassed in the design process. In addition, the existing old aluminum alloy exterior window structure and the non detachable facade lattice frame cannot be disassembled and changed. The content of such hardware must be accepted, which is really aesthetic.
In terms of design thinking, we try to create an open space with a sense of ceremony and romantic and aesthetic wedding dress experience. We need to restore the purity, happiness and beauty of the wedding dress itself. We hope that through such a space, we can endow the wedding dress studio with a professional aesthetic concept, and provide a photography angle suitable for the studio as shooting and transmission, so as to create a stronger memory point and cultivate the brand's own growth gene.
Give troes more possibilities.
We will express the design language of Dorothy wedding dress studio one by one from the space structure, material color and streamline lines.
Spatial structure
The structural framework of a work represents the basis of the whole space, and the humanized functional zoning brings a completely novel and practical spatial form. We open the dimension, expand the space as much as possible, set the most convenient moving line to take care of each space function, reconstruct the shape of the window in a backward way, avoid the visual interference caused by the original structure, use the texture of yarn to weaken the cutting of the line of sight by the rules and regulations outside the window, highlight the softness of light, and create a complete space feeling.
In addition, the spatial dynamic line is divided into two areas in the structure. In the west is the makeup area and the independent dress fitting area, and in the East is the most important main wedding dress fitting area and the main dress display area. The two areas are connected but independent of each other. The two areas are separated by the corridor structure of the dress display area to create a private personalized experience space, At the same time, it creates a process of space transformation. The dressing table specially designed for this purpose can accept more groups of brides to try on makeup and meet the work flow arrangement of makeup artists. In terms of detail design, it takes into account all aspects, breaks the traditional makeup mirror style, gives a more concise design embodiment, and integrates with the spatial texture.
In the structure of the ceiling, the exposed part of the original beam structure is used to stretch the depth of the space, and create a three-dimensional feeling of changing ends with a staggered attitude, making people move in different scenes and colorful.
A water bar reception area is set at the entrance to create a good communication environment and lay the tone for the overall spatial pattern of "heaven and earth". In the corridor leading to the wedding dress exhibition area, the height and width of the space are compressed in the form of fake mountain rocks to construct a cave like experience, compress people's sight, and then suddenly open. Through the huge contrast of tightening and loosening, it brings great visual stimulation and a strong sense of ceremony.
The hallway of the shooting area uses a piece of electrified atomized glass to maximize the utilization value of the space. When there are guests, it creates a sense of privacy in the form of atomization without affecting the intake of light. When there is no one, the transparent glass brings a more transparent texture of the space and expands the visual space.
Material color
Color sets the emotional tone of the space, and a large area of theme color transmits the emotion to be externalized by the space. The choice of color is based on the specific use situation and adjusted with the function of the space.
We believe that white is the most suitable color for the wedding dress Museum, because white as the background color can better set off the complex and gorgeous texture of the wedding dress itself, and white also represents holiness and romance, concentration and piety, which coincides with the original intention of the wedding dress Museum.
Through a large area of different textures and different depths of white to lay out the space, use the rough and simple rock texture and the smooth and empty wall to collide with the delicate, gorgeous and bright of the wedding dress. Abandon the redundant design and use the pure bottom to provide an independent exhibition area for the main wedding dress to the greatest extent, so as to build a sense of ceremony and dignity.
Streamline line
The fixed thinking is put aside on the wall, and the wrapping feeling of space is presented in the way of circular arc; Draw lessons from the curve of wedding dress skirt on the retreating window to form the connection between space and function; The round negotiation space is suspended to create a light texture and provide guests with a comfortable waiting area for negotiation; The soft film ceiling and a lamp create the effect of the sudden release of the sky light, emphasizing the relationship between space and nature, forming a more breathable and open space feeling.
The curve softens and harmonizes the space and tells the gentle space language.
For people, space is a materialized expression of thinking.
We passed step by step, inch by inch, place yourself in it, and gradually indulge.
We want to create a feeling of full ceremony and rich and pleasant experience.
So we use architectural techniques to reconstruct the space, deliberately leave a blind area of sight, and quietly open a window for you. We pressed step by step, narrowed back and forth, and suddenly opened up. We use the language of design to express the novelty of flexible space and the warmth and sweetness of love.


On the design of space behind the eyes: "The thinking behind all the expressions"
Wenzhou Muhou Space design studio was established in 2016, by the two core founders of the joint establishment and construction team, the main members of the outstanding young design force, all have professional knowledge and education background, create space concept for the inheritance of the idea of space planning and design.
After eye is a focus on thinking about design idea as the premise of design services team, about space, the relationship between people and the environment, the fusion of architecture and environment, the coexistence of people and thought, in combination with specialty, pay attention to quality, the pursuit of details, etc., to build a reasonable and comfortable space environment, vitality and give the scene as well as to create more value.
The aim is to promote the thinking behind the design, unify the value of design and humanity, reflect the real meaning of design, and complete the integrity of the work through spatial thinking, planning, and a complete landing service system.

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