IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

The project is located in the bustling commercial area of Xi'an city, on the 4th floor of Zhongda International, High-tech Zone.Designers from the actual use and function of each user's functional needs and aesthetic art and other perspectives, in the details of the original building at the same time, according to the situation, in the premise of paying attention to functional use, from the perspective of aesthetic art, reasonable and scientific design.Based on the analysis of the overall indoor space and indoor materials and the cost, it is positioned as a modern style.The main tone is based with white as the reference, and other color matching is complementary.The appearance is simple, the space is spacious and bright, the alternating light makes the wall more lightsome, the space is also more bright, avant-garde.Both economic and practical and gorgeous and beautiful, but also do not break the atmosphere composed style.Relative to the bustling commercial shop noisy and noisy, the precious design lies in, in the downtown stick to a forever for the sake of customer originality, in the haircut at the same time can let you eliminate work fatigue, forget the city noisy and busy, really start from the heart, let the environment to give a person a quiet, peaceful and comfortable feeling.


Founded in 2017, it is a comprehensive professional design company integrating interior design, interior environment design, and soft decoration design. It is mainly engaged in design projects and customized services for high-end villas, high-end real estate model rooms, commercial spaces, and office spaces. Through the tempering and accumulation of diversified design experience, the company has a mature service team. The company has extremely strict requirements for design quality. With the efforts of a professional team, the space, materials, furniture, soft decoration, and various links are closely linked to ensure that it provides customers with the highest level of personalized customized services.
Yuncy.yunxi design has been insisting on design-oriented for fifteen years, direct project management, full-custody services for main material products and soft furnishings, 80% of which are introduced by old customers. Designed for life.

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