IDPA Japan Design Award

The silent thinker

by Guangxi Jiumengtang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co.LTD

Projet Description

This project is located on the edge of the Li River in Guilin, Guangxi, China. The protection of the environment is considered. During the design process, we ensured innovation in the design of the facade without destroying the harmony between it and the surrounding environment.
We use the old objects (ancient stone carvings, wood, etc.) that the owner has collected for many years as the carrier, and emphasize "the simplicity of quality and the abundance of restraint". With time and space as the link, the art and life are combined and recreated, and the oriental temperament aesthetics is used to create a space with artistic conception. The integration of traditional culture and life creates a different and high-level sense of luxury, allowing diners to be surrounded by ancient stone carving culture and aesthetics while dining, and feel pure mystery and romance.
As a western food dining space, its simple and light luxury design style, and at the same time on the edge of the Li River, attracts many young people to experience the atmosphere of the space, check in and take pictures, taste delicious food, and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Li River.

Guangxi Jiumengtang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co.LTD


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