IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The seaside garden (senior residential) in new town .pearl river.Guang zhou

by Emp Lee

Projet Description

The project is a high-end residence, located in the central axis of Guangzhou CBD, with a river view outside the window and a quiet and comfortable green community inside. Party A is a man who has considerable requirements for life. He is an architect. He hopes that his house has his own language and has the meaning of light club. Through detailed communication, we found that "simple", "luxury" and "Cognac" are synonymous with this project. For us, structural beauty already represents "simplicity". However, in terms of decoration of the project, there should not be too many complicated design shapes. We choose light decoration where we need to focus, and we choose to keep a lot of things where we need to be simple. White, blank not only means "simplicity", but also hope to leave room for Party A's imagination. "Luxury" is luxury as the name implies. We hope to interpret it in a low-key way-materials and craftsmanship. We have discussed the material part many times. During the replacement process, process details are needed to reflect the beauty of the material. (Paper splicing-wood fabric selection and craft paint and seaming-stainless steel fineness-the ratio of the height of the cabinet body), all require strict supervision of the on-site craftsmanship.

Emp Lee
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