IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The platnium world bay sales department

by TTD design

Projet Description

Design description: The city is developing rapidly. With the rapid improvement of the quality of life, people are eager to pursue a higher living style. People who have to have a taste of life, when the city’s top leaders from all industries gather together. The collision and turmoil of top-level wisdom, the convergence and integration of wealth, the "circle effect" it produces, and the philosophy of life and social life have deeply affected the lifestyle and cognitive psychology of high-end people.
The hard decoration is planned in a modern Chinese style, with marble and metal used on the walls and floor to show the texture of the entire space. In terms of materials, try to use materials that reflect natural texture and simple colors, and seek a unique sense of affinity between prosperity and tranquility. With many details that highlight the quality and lighting atmosphere, we strive to create an elegant space atmosphere. Give modern people their own low-key and introverted luxury instead of superficial "glorious and brilliant".

TTD design

Guangzhou to decoration design Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as the design),was founded in 2013.The design is a passionate and creative young design team,team members from the well-known design companies,services across the major real estate and hotel.A professional interior design company is a growing and thinking,we to optimize human work and living environment for the puepose ,take the road of brand management involved in the business hotel design,sales department and a model of the housing design,large public space design,soft outfit design accessories etc.,for customers to provide from the concept,scheme and construction plans,to follow up the whole process of tracking service design.The to the design of positioning,professional and non-commercial,because the focus so professional,with the quality of the design to enhance product value,designed to change the life,from life to find the design,will continue to explore and theory and practice combination.will be entrusted to the proposed timely summary,combined with the actual,collect the latest technology,material information,on the basis to meet the function realization of creative.

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