IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The place of landscape

by Lan Wang

Projet Description

This case: the south of the mountain and the north of the water are called "Yang". The backside of the hillside can be used as a backing, which can trap the wind and gather the air. There is water in front of the door and the air gathers in front of the hall. Therefore, it is a treasure place of Feng Shui.
The literati "take mountains as virtue and water as nature." Pursue the landscape spirit of "living in seclusion, not chasing fame and fortune, but worrying about ordinary people". From the white space in the ink paintings, the ink halo of the landscape paintings, and the poetic aesthetics at the junction of virtual and reality, the artistic conception elements of "profound, subtle, and inner beauty" are refined into the design to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Lan Wang
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