IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The house of cloud

by Yvonne

Projet Description

The meaning of life stems from the pursuit of the essence of life, taking off the gorgeous coat, discarding all exaggeration, returning to the true meaning of life, in the blending of tradition and modernity, and the collision of East and West. The female owner has a very high taste of home furnishings. She gave very great support and cooperation during the design process. There are many interesting furnishings. The ancient LV old boxes are used as bedside tables in the bedroom. The functional storage gives the space story a narrative. A Goyard antique box is also placed in the living room. The dialogue between the new and the old gives each other new meaning.
The background wall adopts the texture of cement gray, which forms a strong contrast with the stone and wood, and also makes a soft treatment in the cold material. The lotus leaf tea table uses a combined form to make it easier to use the furniture, so it is more natural to spread the load on the carpet.

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