IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Color of Dawn

by Uzdesign

Projet Description

Different tones of orange scattered in the space, symbolizing the warmth of the sun and light up the room, connecting the space through light. Curves are added into the wall and floor design, softening the edges and emphasizing the calmness like the morning sun. While walking into the master bedroom, the color shifts to a darker palette, mimicking the peaceful ambience of a silent night, and offers the residents a place to rest.
Legendary architect Le Corbusier described his technique to create a perfect housing with five principles in his famous essay “Five Points of Architecture”. The designer applies the principles in the project in hoping to create the best home for the residents. By reducing the partitions such as walls and partitions, the plan is more open and more nature light can shine in. As a thirty-year-old-house renovation project, the key is to build a solid foundation, modify the appearance of house, and focus on long-term preservation. Therefore, the designer chooses to use durable materials such as valchromat, and the combinations of colors are used for durability and natural-liking.
The designer has lived in Japan and appreciates the ambience of living in a Japanese household where the family shares the living room. Therefore, an elevated Japanese-style room with tatami floor and a low sofa welcomes any incomer to casually sit on the floor. The spinner rack where the TV sits is adjustable, so the residents can choose where to lay back and relax, whether is the living room or the dining room. The sleeping area features a special design which servers the room as a walk-in closet and a sleeping area while offing the functionality and peace. The colors used here is different from the public area, which is darker and more calming. As if a shelter stands in the dark silent night, providing a place to wait for the sun to rise again.
Day after day, the sun rises and sets, brings lives to earth., and this house is a simulation to the nature. Brightness and fullness come as the morning light shines through the window, and as the night falls a sense of secure rises as well as anticipation of the first rays of the dawn.

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