IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

The Co-Living Residence of Parrot–Human

by Immerse Design Studio

Project Description

In the co-living residence of parrot–human, the living style of residents as well as the habits of the parrot should be taken into consideration to create a pet-friendly space that meets the needs of each family member. The grayish-white color scheme creates a simple and stress-free view, allowing the residents to fully release their pressure. Abundant organic wooden elements infuse the warmth coming out from the depths of the forest, while the trusses and ironworks on the wall allow the parrot to perch on. Without attaching to the ceiling, the partitions in the kitchen and study room not only make each space into an independent, private retreat but also allow the parrot to fly freely.
In the common area, the open floor plan brings natural light into the home and eliminates the disadvantage of single-sided lighting, allowing the residence to be immersed in soft white warm light. Upon opening the door, the hexagonal tiles in Morandi gray delineate the entryway that stop dust from ever entering the home, while the colors of low chroma serve as a transition zone from the outside to the inside to create a stable visual sense gradually.
The cabinets are wrapped with curves on the main TV wall to eliminate the abruptness, while the golden lines on the upper section meander along, leading to a smooth visual movement.
The half-height wall behind the sofa provides a slight width for the parrot to rest easily and keep owners company. The shallow countertop is horizontally linked to the kitchen island with a bar counter. After a twist, the countertop is widened to create a perfect dining space.
The partitions in the study room and kitchen do not attach to the ceiling to preserve the unobstructed space at top for the parrot to fly freely as well as strengthening the interaction between the owners and the parrot. In the semi-open study room, the walls are installed with storage cabinets and bed frame to make hosting overnight guests a breeze. Roller blinds are fitted inside of the glass partition to maintain privacy inside.
In terms of the design of canopy, high ceilings ensure good ventilation and maximize the living space for the parrot. The sloped triangular roof invokes the image of a birdcage to strengthen family bonds, and conceals the structural beams and air conditioner, making the design aesthetically gratifying, yet functional and pragmatic. Low beams span across the hanging light fixtures, and the triangular trusses on the outside soften the oppressiveness of the volume. The surface is covered with gray mineral paint to create rich layers in colors.
In order to make the space look simpler and purer, doors to the bedroom and bathroom are hidden cleverly. Starting from the shoe cabinet at the entryway, the same surface material wraps around the structure to make the space neat and clean. Rustic earthy colors and bright white set the tone for a lovely bedroom design. The warm light spreads from the head of a bed, creating a relaxed, quiet, and soothing atmosphere.

Immerse Design Studio

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