IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The clothing brand manages the aesthetic space/testing ground

by Infinity STUDIO Space Design

Project Description

Try to make the weak texture of space present, through the appropriate landing distance, another possibility can be realized in the real scene to establish a certain correlation.
This project is located in Shenzhen/Nanshan. As a clothing manager office and live space, design at the beginning We believe that clothing managers have the guiding power and aesthetic quality of leaders/beliefs to a certain extent, and at the same time, participants have ideal life and realizable, / consumptions can be realized/transformed (commercial value realization and emotional value needs).
We try to combine the scarce quality of the manager's own relaxed temperament, by creating a daily and real consumption experience, through the sofa reception area/middle island bar, reading area, office area, the real daily life of the manager, and then the aesthetic into the space, to present a consumption experience that can be realized by the participants.
At the same time, the relaxed temperament is transformed into a real space texture experience.
It is expected to convey a sense of lightness, weight and transparency at the same time.
We try to use dark wood/white cave stone/grey cave stone ash wood floor/cotton and linen fabric/mocha stone/a series of common materials to create texture, using bright and lightweight aluminum as a medium Inspired by aesthetics, clothing buyers through their own understanding of beauty, translated into clothing as a medium and consumers resonate and the key.
Multi-material/temperament fusion and unity to create a weak texture Give material/presentation. The feeling of being touched by the other.
Try to use those neglected, old materials with new, to create a strange and familiar feeling.
Standards of beauty can also be varied and interesting. She should be free and at the same time biased, free and independent aesthetic.
We believe that space, like people, has its own unique character and temperament, so when the space we design can constantly exude some temperament, we stop and let the space grow freely.
Clothing is a very good medium to guide the daily aesthetic of the public. We hope that the space will continue to positively influence the users themselves, and also continue to influence everyone of the participants through the video/photo media.
The above are the possibilities we expect and give to this project. The studio has been trying to give more possibilities to the project in the midst of contradictions and conflicts. In this project, it is light, thick and transparent to show the relaxed aesthetics, which is like life, experiencing ups and downs and daily life, calmly presenting it, and using different textures and different colors to simulate ups and downs in the space. Finally, they return to normal life and have independent spiritual thinking in this positive society.
Just like the design expectation/design of the studio cannot directly change people, but it can constantly give people more possibilities and positive influences.
INFINITE STUDIO is a design studio for small buildings, commercial facilities, and residences.
Committed to creating a space experience full of seductive and unique atmosphere based on in-depth study of materials, details, lighting, functionality, and integration with space.
With interaction in everywhere you look, constantly posing hypotheses and digging into the memory of a familiar and unfamiliar sense of design.

Infinity STUDIO Space Design

INFINITY STUDIO SPACE DESIGN As a small building, commercial and residential design studio, we are dedicated to creating seductive and unique experiences based on the study of materials, details, lighting, functionality, and spatial integration. Interacting with what we see, making assumptions, and exploring familiar and unfamiliar design sensations in our memories. 2023 AMA International Architectural Design Award, Spain, Office Space Gold Award.

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