IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Art of Living


Project Description

In this residential space design, the concept emphasizes a gray-toned palette as the main axis, skillfully adorned with pops of color and a mix of different materials to foster a dialogue within the space. The entrance is designed with volumetric division and the use of mirrors to enhance visual perception, while special paint acts as a medium to ensure continuity between spaces. The living room introduces natural light, showcasing the uniqueness of the natural marble wall, and combines metal and wooden materials to elevate the space's warmth and stability. The wall behind the sofa features a lattice design with dark stone panels and titanium strips, integrated with hidden lighting to present a three-dimensional artistic effect, maintaining the space’s transparency and conversational quality.
The design's uniqueness is reflected in how the duplex floors seamlessly connect public and private spaces with continuous design elements and color schemes. The master bedroom on the first floor, hidden behind a sliding door, uses a sliding headboard and soft fabric not only to cleverly conceal the window and create a sculpted wall, enhancing both visual fluidity and privacy. The dining and staircase areas employ unique stone panels and hidden lighting to improve visual effects and strengthen the guidance of movement through the space. The upper living spaces extend the design style of the public areas, embodying the philosophy of "less is more" by filling the space with lifestyle elements, while the adjacent sleeping areas through innovative use of colors and shapes, present a style that is both richly colorful and soft. Every detail is meticulously crafted, creating a unique living experience.
These designs also reflect the designer’s initial intention of "Nest Building," to touch the soul and deeply resonate. Through strategic planning of movement, color, decorations, functionality, and lighting arrangements, the design not only prepares in advance for the flexible needs of family life but also offers a multifaceted planning and design approach, fulfilling the dwellers’ sense of happiness.


Design Philosophy:
"Building Nests". Touching the soul and creating resonance, Yi'er Fei's design philosophy is deeply rooted in life itself. By strategically using movement paths, color schemes, decorations, functionalities, and lighting, the designs stack different elements to craft a space that truly feels like a home.
Layout Configuration: Masterfully planning space to enhance living quality. Movement Flow: Ensuring smooth transitions throughout the space. Style Creation: Developing unique aesthetic environments tailored to individual preferences. Our Approach: We converge the lifestyles and needs of family members to provide a multidimensional planning and design service. Our tailored approach focuses on crafting the beauty and details of a home, presenting a unique living environment. We aim to create not just houses, but dream castles brimming with purity and fulfillment for each homeowner.


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