IDPA Japan Design Award

Thailand phuket island adeal city planning and design

by Xiaoyu Hao, Yang Chong

Projet Description

Thailand phuket island adeal city planning and design
The project base is located in Phuket, Thailand, with a construction area of 68,000 square meters. The large terrain height difference provides a challenge for the design. In the early stage, it was sold as an apartment, and later it was handed over to the hotel management company for management to give back to the owner. The overall planning and design considers three points: First, adapt measures to local conditions and introduce ecological resources. To maximize the terrain value of the base, combine the terrain to create a multi-level landscape platform, so that more than half of the products can see the sea view beyond 2KM, which strengthens the project's personality characteristics and taps the land value. Second, multiple experiences and diversified product portfolios. Through the research of the local market, the positioning is accurate, the business type is segmented, and the flow of people is attracted to stay for consumption, to create a vacation product with diverse activities and suitable for phased development. Finally, establish a brand and plan for low investment. Use good planning and operation, improve the functional framework of the area, build characteristic parks with lower costs, increase the overall premium of the project, and create reasonable development benefits.

Xiaoyu Hao, Yang Chong
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