IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


Projet Description

Mona Lisa Headquarters Office Building

As the corporate headquarters and office building of the Mona Lisa Group Co., Ltd., the project is mainly used to promote the technological upgrading of the industry and enhance the overall modernization level of the enterprise. Under the meticulous design, the project combines the charm of industry and technology with a modern and unique shape. With a strong and stable base, it gathers the taste of culture and precipitation. With a complete image, the idea of unity and unification runs through. Lead the wave of future and innovation with the concept of green ecology.
architectural design:
Adhering to the design concepts of "shining jewellery, jade seal", "four waters back to the church, geomantic treasure", "three-dimensional garden, ecological office", and "economical and efficient, square and intensive" design concepts.
The lobby is composed of a large-scale glass exterior wall and a two-story interior space. Visually, you can directly see the atrium garden and the water feature. The buildings on both sides will show their characteristics as the main body of the building through the structure.
Landscape Design:
Unified landscape elements of entrance and building The design of the entrance gate completely extracts the form and materials of the building's facade to achieve a unified design. The large welcoming steps of the main entrance designed by the height difference of the site and the stacked waterscape are closely integrated to fully demonstrate the concept of "welcome", and the overall design echoes the sense of rhythm in the architectural form.

Projet Description


The overall layout of the project is based on mountain-shaped water potential and topography. The plan strives to maximize the width and depth of field for the architectural space, avoiding the oppression of the nearby mountains, and subtly borrowing the scenery, and interestingly combining the sunrise and sunset, the rural scenery and the orientation of the guest rooms.
At the same time, the spatial sequence rhythm is used to create a sense of experience that first suppresses and then rises. Coming across the water from the west, walking across the quiet tree-lined road, to the prologue hall. Enter the lobby through the transparent elevator, step into the infinite view frame, and explore the beauty of nature while walking.
Architectural design uses local materials. Directly use existing material resources and pass on regional materials through the application of stone masonry and wood. The architectural form of overhead and stilted buildings continues the cultural heritage of Zhuang Township, and the design techniques that keep pace with the times demonstrate high-end international standards.
Landscape Design:
The landscape design is defined as a wild luxury hotel. The two concepts of "wild" and "luxury" contrast in landscape design. The modern and simple architectural style, the exquisite and pure outdoor scenes, and the high-end comfortable vacation activities are completely integrated into the original ecological environment, bringing travelers back to the original and spiritual washing. Through multi-level landscape design, a quiet and mysterious artistic conception is created and a unique sense of scene is created.



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