IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Jimmy Yuan

Projet Description

Start with the restaurant environment design and the basic characteristics of the architectural space, first solve the basic problems of the streamline organization of the architectural space and the division of functional areas, and then emphasize the space atmosphere and highlight the expression of personality and taste while meeting commercial needs. The main axis of the hall runs from east to west, and spreads from north to south in layers and rhythmically; at the same time, several secondary axes are formed in the north-south direction. The traffic on the rice paddies has always been like this, which not only solves the problem of customer diversion and cross flow of people, but also adds scenery.
In the rigorous spatial layout, each place is cleverly used to guide the decorative landscape, and the flexibly used scenes, borrowed scenes, divided scenes, and framed scenes give a feeling of "shifting sceneries". The axis layout technique and the garden-style space experience reflect the rich connotation of Chinese-style space.

Jimmy Yuan
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