IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Suzhou Wharf Tianhao Model Room


Projet Description

Design description: This project is located in Suzhou's secret Huqiu Wetland Park. The designer carefully refined the unique aesthetics of Suzhou City, using geometric patterns to connect the characteristics of different spaces. The designer incorporates natural stone and metal into the spatial pattern to create a unique texture and artistic texture. The color uses soft warm gray and ivory white to create an elegant and quiet humanistic living space in a calm and restrained tone.


In 2007, based in Hong Kong and branch office in Shanghai ,Chengdu. ISSI expertise on interiors of high end hospitality projects and real estate developments, meanwhile which is effort to expand the design vision on various natures. Over the years, ISSI won a lot of international awards and honors, which have been reported and recommended by the media and professional of the world. The successful projects have extended to more than 100 cities of china and USA. On the same time, ISSI also pay attention to the field of eco design. It is because ISSI believes that a quality design not only fulfill the needs of client but also need carries a responsibility to society.

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