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International Design Pioneer Award


by odd (okamoto deguchi design)

Project Description

SUSHI ZEN is a place that serves food at special times, and as a space for Japanese culinary art, it invokes Japanese spatial practices in the context of Singapore to create a secluded atmosphere away from the noisy city. This is what we have been thinking about during the design process. This is a space created with the aim of feeling the texture of the "hand" and the "life" of the material, by keeping the boundaries of time and culture between the tradition and the future. This is a space with a completely different feeling than the artificial perfectionist space made with intellectualized industry.
Taking inspiration from the store's surroundings, the remaining floor coverings of the local neighborhood, the floor coverings of space is configured in the same paving rhythm, connecting between the exterior space and the foyer, giving the space an ambiguous and nuanced change. The style of the space is constructed according to the traditional techniques of SUKIYA house. TOKOGAMACHI still retains traces of the joints of wooden beams used in old times, and the back wall of the niche is decorated with the traditional technique of MAIHAKU, which is rarely seen in Japan today. On the other hand, transparent heterogeneous materials such as specially customized glass tiles are configured in the TSUKAISHI and SASHIISHI sections to achieve a fusion of tradition and modernity.
Guests enter the space through a doorstep made of handcrafted NAGURI, and open a SHOUJI MON made of wood lattice and waterline glass. The main space contains a bar and eight auditoriums. As an important sushi table , the material used is pure hinoki with straight wood grain, and the details of hinoki can be felt everywhere, such as the ginkgo pattern embedded in the splices of the bar, and the dedicated wood strips at the intersection of the shaded corners.
Project type: interior
Design: odd (okamoto deguchi design)
Leader designer & Team: Tsutomu Deguchi,Keizo Okamoto,Junwei Di, Heng Li
Contact e-mail:
Completion Year: 2023 Jun
Project location: Singapore
Gross built area: 90㎡
Photo credit: odd (okamoto deguchi design)
Materials: ciment art,black stone,metal foil,bamboo,resin,wooden board,stone,handmade glass

odd (okamoto deguchi design)

The development of media technology largely influences in changing our human activities.
We can communicate with others on the other side of the globe in an instant. It realizes global communication or virtual traveling on the internet, enabling us to understand different culture and their society from any places in the world. As well, in the real world, we can easily experience different culture in the metropolitan cities. The persistence of the single culture is not accepted on this situation.
Mutual understanding is one of most important abilities these days. We believe that design should be reflected from present human activities and their environment. We appreciate their original culture on the process of design. However, in such a multi-cultural society, the design reflected directly from classic culture is not appropriate. We would like to pursue the contemporary interpretation of their culture by challenging to apply new technology and method through the urban, architectural and interior design project.
odd  received AD 100 award "100 top architecture and design talents in China" in 2015, 2017 and 2019,in 2020 ,odd shortlisted restaurant&bar design awards,recived CHINA INTERIOR DESIGN ANNUAL TOP 100.  Many projects were published in well-known interior magazines 'Interior Design", "AD" ,"ElleDecoration" and " Better Homes and Gardens", and on design website "Designboom" ,:yinji” "Cool Hunting" and "gooood"

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