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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sunshine Holiday

by Cao Lin

Project Description

Project Name: Jiangsu Qidong Bei Shanghai Supreme
Project area:1400 square meters
Project style: French's casual style
Project Name: Everything in life is changing in the direction of comfort, and the "landscape" of the home is recorded here -- "Sunshine Holiday"
The project is located in Qidong, where the sunrise was the earliest seen in Jiangsu. The project is a three-story detached villa with two floors above ground and one floor below ground with a separate garden. The owner and his wife are both returnees from the United States, after returning to China, they took over the family business, and their careers are busy, and the home they hope for is a harbor where they can be naturally relaxed, warm, and comfortable. They both love life very much, attach great importance to the lifestyle and family atmosphere, and after in-depth discussions with the owner, finally defined the style of the space as French casual.
In the overall design, look for the natural return of the heart, highlighting the leisurely, relaxed, and pleasant life state. The symmetry of the application axis highlights the elegance of the French style, and each space combines the characteristics of the original building's special-shaped roof. Different expressions of space atmosphere and temperament, the French lines are simplified, smooth, and layered, showing the three-dimensional sense and layering of space. The use of French carvings combined with wooden beams is ingenious.
The soft decoration uses a mix-and-match method to create the beauty of conflict, strengthen the sense of visual extension, new and old, soft and hard, yin and yang, black and white, modern and retro, minimalist and complex, etc., to express the sense of atmosphere and ritual of the space to the fullest, infinitely restore the essence of "home" and let the space carry stories and emotions.
In the process of designing, people, objects, space, and art are integrated, collided, and extended, and indoor visual feelings are created through materials, colors, elements, etc. The overall color should be extracted from natural elements, with white as the main color to contain all things, integrate all, take the color of sunlight as the auxiliary color, nourish all things, nirvana renewal, and then extract the color of soil, trees, flowers, and plants as the decorative color, presenting a simple and pure, back to the basics, comfortable and resonant space atmosphere. Unassuming and elegant, it inadvertently achieves a casual romance, like a gentle breeze, surrounded by nature.

Cao Lin

The director of the fifth design institute of Gold Mantis Pinzhai Design Institute has been in the industry for 14 years.
Senior Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association, International Registered Senior Soft Decoration Display Designer.
In 2016, she won the CIDA China Interior Residential Space - Villa Design Award-Outstanding Designer.
In 2017, she won the China Decoration Association's Top Ten Villa Designers in China.
In 2018, she won the Top 10 Most Original Designers in China's Building Decoration Industry.
In 2019, she won the Most Ingenuity Award at the Asia-Pacific Designer Competition.
Magnum Opus:
Jingjiang Private House Villa, Changshu Celebrity Family, Shenzhen Bay No. 1, Wuxi Jiuli Xiangti Suzhou Lakeside Four Seasons, Yixing Jinghu Tiancheng, Xishan Holiday Villa, Sichuan Mianyang Villa, Beijing Evergrande Palace, Changsha Liling Villa, Nanchang Deep Blue 32 Zun and so on.
Design Concept:
True design is an understanding of life, What you can't see with your eyes can only be seen with your heart;
Design is to organize people's lifestyles and build ruthless things into affection;
Make life more comfortable and elegant.

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