IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Sunset Confession

by Wang Yi

Project Description

Project Information: 2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom/93m2 In this case, the balcony has excellent lighting, and the sunset is very beautiful, so we opened up the space and brought light and shadow into the room. Let each space is full of sunshine. Breaking the tradition, the guest room and dining room are open, so you can switch freely. The soft sofa in the living room is the soul of the romantic tone, together with the arched door elements, vintage herringbone spelling, depicting the unique softness of the French style. The dining room table plus the sideboard imitating the niche emphasises the French design sense. Elegance and fireworks coexist.
The bathroom uses vintage tiles with beige + black + earth tones, giving the space a certain sense of spatial hierarchy.
The bedroom fits the needs of the homeowner, meets the storage space of super storage, simple and warm. Vintage furniture + exquisite lamps, to create a warm rest space.
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Wang Yi

Designer Wang Yi, engaged in the home furnishing industry for 8 years, interior design professional origin, with a national second-class constructor's qualification certificate, has gone to Taiwan for further study. Focus on interior design is good at a variety of design styles, creative, strong, not stick to the form, the design of both practical, creative, comfortable, aesthetic. Explore the aesthetics of human life design, focus on customer needs, to create a home environment with emotional resonance.

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