IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Summer time X Shonan Coast

by Guang Yang Design CO.,LTD

Projet Description

The main axis of the space is the summer coast of Kamakura, Japan. Light warm wooden colors, clear natural light, and surfboards placed on the canopy create the relaxing vibe of a summer beach.
Warm white wood is the main material for flooring, surface materials, cabinets and furniture. The space features pure white tone, as well as natural textures and atmosphere. The interior design draws on the pureness of white hue to create a cozy view.
As a home for a newlywed couple living with the parents, the layout has been changed completely to reorganize different areas so that everyone can work without interfering with each other and have a core area for emotional bonding. In addition to considering the traffic flow, a cat cave, cat litter box, and cat jumping platform have been installed in each walking area, creating a warm and welcoming pet-friendly residence.
Upon entering the room, an upright surfboard placing on one side of the recessed wall along with bright yellow light beams from the outside create a foyer vista. Combined with the gray ultra-wearable wood flooring and wooden elements on the wall and canopy, the miniature image of the Shonan coast is painted into a warm impression at the entrance.
A sliding door next to the vista directly leads to the master bedroom, allowing the newlywed couple, who have irregular duty hours as flight crew members, to enter the bedroom as fast as possible without disturbing the parents.
The canopy is made of movable and bending wooden supports so that the homeowners as extreme sport lovers can place their beloved surfboards, snowboards and skateboards of various colors. Light sources are embedded in the woodworks. The use of light and atmosphere creates a change of mood, but also let their favorite sports elements enrich the daily life.
The corridors are decorated with straight light beams on both sides of the hallway, giving the space a fresh and refreshing atmosphere.
TV wall is decorated with plenty of circular wooden blocks with natural tree rings and nodes. The natural and rustic texture, simple furniture, green plants and green wall in the balcony create a relaxing and stress-free daily life.
Above the sofa is a structural column, wrapped in a non-symmetrical double-curved dynamic fluid structure, minimizing the oppressive feeling of the column and incorporating the shape of wing to convey the free spirit of flying in the sky.
In the dining space, the kitchen island with bar is combined with a wooden dining table to serve as a space divider in the dining room. The IH stoves on the kitchen island adds more functional flexibility. The kitchenware and wine cabinet also use wooden elements to link the overall tone of the public area. This is a combination of a pretty view and delicious taste.
Entering the bedroom, delicate wooden frames form a large bookcase. A wall of books offers a quiet and comfortable feeling in the bedroom. The bedside wall is made of Japanese non-toxic Baizhou white clay, and the natural smears add a rustic look to the room. The desk next to the bed turns along the wall and becomes a resting place for appreciating the scenery next to the window. A glowing lunar lamp gets the body into a sense of sleep. The bathroom is painted with mineral paint, and its seamless design is easy to clean, while the gentle materials add a touch of elegance. The symphony is about the life in the Shonan Coast, namely "slab, stone, wood, plant, mineral, pet, wine and people".

Guang Yang Design CO.,LTD

Design with peoples’ needs in mind; communicate to the space
洸(guang)~like bouncing sparkling light on the water surface~looming yet calming one’s mind
Comfortable space always heals the human heart
研(yang)~exploring peoples’ needs and the endless possibilities of connection to the space

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