IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Smart drying rack

by Yiwu Mingsheng Household Products Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Smart drying racks, multi-functional smart products. The product is simple. The product can be used for balcony space planning. A machine with dual functions, and as a lamp, it can also be used to dry clothes. It perfectly shows the Nordic style and subverts people's perception of traditional clothes washing machines. The product uses environmentally friendly space aluminum material. Easy to install.
It perfectly reflects the Nordic INS style. Subvert the use effect of traditional clothes washing machine. Traditional drying racks occupies a lot of space on the balcony, and the planning of using the balcony is limited to drying. Our products are more inclined to release space. When drying clothes, it is a normal washing machine. When there is no drying clothes, it can be used as a balcony headlight to make the balcony idle space, which is more prominent for the beauty.
The materials are all space aluminum. As the Chinese market is becoming more and more young, there are more and more products. Smart home products are widely used, and product features have become the sales highlights of the products. Intelligence, space release, and multi-function have become the leading trend in the market. The concept of one machine with two uses is the best embodiment of our release of balcony space. Subvert the use of traditional drying racks.

Yiwu Mingsheng Household Products Co., Ltd


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