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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sitting in the bamboo forest and listening to the wind

by Gu Wei & MingYang

Projet Description

Sitting in the bamboo forest in leisure time listening to the wind
xiran's bamboo pavilion menghaoran
My brothers and I have always had a deep friendship. They share lofty ambitions and have the heart to help each other. The elegant taste is expressed through poetry, and the breeze and brightness remain in the bamboo forest. Share the fun of drinking, and play the extraordinary and elegant sounds from time to time.
The reconstruction of the reading room on the fourth floor of District A of Hebei Provincial Library integrates reading, reader activities, communication and leisure. The overall style is a new Chinese style, introducing classical garden elements, rocks, bamboo forests, pine, moss, and borrowing and contrasting techniques. "Here are tall pine trees shaking with the wind." Let readers "meet their soulmates" in "sit in the bamboo forest and listen to the wind".

Gu Wei & MingYang


2015年第二届中法国际设计交流会暨法国双面神“INNODESIGN ”国际设计大奖入围奖2016第四届金创意奖国际空间设计大赛专业类类 铜奖
2015年10月获NCDA第三届全国高校数字艺术大赛 三等奖


Young learning art to this day, there is a solid aesthetic foundation. Graduated from Shijiazhuang Information Engineering Vocational and Technical College in 2017, and won the Shijiazhuang "Tianzhou Platinum Yue" interior design competition in 2016. In 2020, the eighth Golden Creative Award International Space Design Competition won the New designer and Innovation Award in the same year Shijiazhuang Information Engineering Vocational and Technical College of Hebei Province selected a special mentor.

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