IDPA Japan Design Award

Shenzhen Haituo ShenHang Pengyi Hotel

by Yishu design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The description of the hotel space follows the traditional philosophical concept that circle is movement and square is static. The space environment pursues the realm of "harmony between man and nature". All exquisite ingenuity and ingenious design are for the perfect combination of people and the environment. Let the guests feel the tranquility of life in the artistic aesthetics, away from the noise and crowds, free themselves here, and enjoy the beauty of harmony infinitely. The hotel takes water as the theme. The artistic conception of water, the background of water shadows, water droplets, blisters, and undulating water waves form a deep emotional connection with the guests. In terms of color, it follows the "black is water" logic of the traditional five elements culture, rejects superficial decorative techniques, and does not cater to trends and trends. Through the main materials: Jazz White Stone, Royal Brown Stone, Bronze Plate, Brushed Bronze, Crystal, and translating a "Water" Story.

Yishu design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


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