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International Design Pioneer Award

Shaoxing yuechengze water brand model house type D 《Jiangnan Water Town · scholarly family》

by Guangzhou Seewell Interior decoration design Co.Ltd

Projet Description

Shaoxing Yuecheng Zeshui brand project in this case is located in Yuecheng District of Shaoxing. Shaoxing is a city with cultural and historical deposits, and the cultural heritage of this city is the cultural symbol of this city. We have consulted a large number of materials and information, standing in the perspective of urban historical and cultural heritage, to define the theme of the design of this case - "Jiangnan Water Town, book fragrance: home".
The cultural heritage of Shaoxing City is what we often see: a city full of vitality, ancient streets full of vitality and ancient villages with elegant atmosphere. Whitewall, Daiwa, ancient lane, small bridge, running water, black awning Shaoxing is a famous historical and cultural city. In the streets and lanes of Shaoxing, a stone bridge, a tablet inscription and an old platform gate are all telling people the immortal stories of Shaoxing in its gurgling years. Shaoxing is known as "the land of cultural relics, the land of fish and rice" since ancient times because of its large number of people, celebrities and cultural landscapes.
This case takes Shaoxing urban cultural heritage as the starting point, takes Han Yue culture as the innovation origin, adopts the inheritance of traditional culture and the etiquette system of family education, and uses the design concept of refinement and etiquette to create a new style of modern book family. The orientation of the overall soft decoration is based on the combination of the hard decoration materials and spatial effects. The overall style orientation combines the current mainstream market trend and urban cultural orientation, shapes the spatial connotation with the modern fashion, simple new Chinese style techniques and ideas, displays the posture beauty of high-end quality housing with comfortable and elegant style, and strives to create a kind of fit for the contemporary glory It's a golden age.

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