IDPA Japan Design Award

Shanghai Pudong Haiyatt Garden Single Apartment

by Bozhong Yang

Projet Description

In this case, there are only one large and one small window on the north side, and there is no condition for natural lighting planning on the south entrance door. The lighting conditions are not good. Therefore, from the beginning, the planning was directed towards the full openness of the space. The guest dining room and bedroom are separated by a half-height marble TV wall, and the L-shaped sofa bed in the living room can provide friends who visit temporarily for the night. In front of the open kitchen is a changeable multifunctional table, which can be a work table, a multifunctional table or even a table for eight people for banquets. Hidden hanging hangers are installed on the ceiling of the restaurant to solve the problem of no balcony to dry clothes. The kitchen area is equipped with built-in steaming, dishwasher, refrigerator... and other necessary electrical equipment. Also use the smoke exhaust pipe well column to set up cabinets of different depths to add more storage space.

Bozhong Yang

喜欢自由 喜欢大海 喜欢赛车 喜欢海钓 喜欢沉思 喜欢独处 喜欢环保

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