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International Design Pioneer Award

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Project Description

The people-oriented principle of space design is to create a beautiful daily living environment for the residents. At the beginning of the design phase, the designer and the owner clearly expressed their preference for solid wood, grille lines, and Japanese Scandinavian style. Hence, the designer considered their preference and the daily activities of the couple and their two cats to build a friendly environment where both the pets and the residents can live comfortably and harmoniously.
As soon as entering the dust room area, the original layout had the problem of “looking directly at the stairs upon entering.” Therefore, the designer deliberately set up a grille screen to block it off and enhance the security and privacy of the area. Entering the shared living area, one will notice that many wooden materials are used for paving, with curved lines outlining it, creating a warm and soft atmosphere. In addition, the open space design integrates the living room, dining room, and kitchen to expand the range of activities of users. In the living room, the designer used white diatomaceous earth paint to decorate the TV wall and the back wall of the sofa, creating a sense of visual hierarchy through unique textures and different colors. The lumbar cabinets and shelves are equipped to meet the homeowner's storage needs while providing a space for the cat to rest and play. As the couple likes to cook together, the original concrete partition wall was removed to expand the layout of the space, and combined with the circular design, users can roam around the space at will. In addition, a bar table is located near the terrace window, allowing the residents to spend their daily time in the office or watching the scenery outside the window. In the main space, the designer has uniquely painted semi-circular patterns on the two walls, presenting the visual images of sunrise and sunset, reflecting the meaning of "rising sun".
Walking up the stairs to the multi-functional room, one will find that the space is equipped with many display cabinets and lumbar cabinets, which can store many books and serve as a resting area for the cat. Solid wood panels are planned to frame the windows toward the yoga room to achieve a framing effect. At the same time, the original abrupt meter box is cleverly concealed to create a simple, generous, and comfortable space. Up to the bedroom on the third floor, the slanted roof is retained to maintain the original height of the space. Instead of installing additional main lighting, the design is wrapped in beams and combined with linear lighting to create a soft, warm space atmosphere. In addition, a couch area is extended next to the bed to provide a place for the residents to read and for the cat to spend time with them.
The designer carefully planned the spatial layout to create the right layout and movement lines and decorated it with solid wood and rounded elements to create a harmonious image. In this way, the homeowner's wish for the living space is constructed, and the residents can have an enjoyable life in the residence.
Since this project is located in Yilan, Taiwan, which has an average humidity of 80%, the designers chose environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth coating to regulate the humidity and purify the air. In addition, Japanese Cypress was used in the yoga room to create a comfortable space that is environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy through the wood's fragrance, durability, corrosion resistance, and humidity regulation, allowing the users to relax their bodies and minds.


Our firm was founded in August 2021 as a result of the epidemic situation, where people are spending more time in the house, and the demand for residential design and decoration has increased. Our firm has integrated interior design into life to provide our customers with a perfect living experience.
Our logo is designed with a minimalist round shape and the Chinese word "Yue," symbolizing the moon's fullness.
We provide a full range of design services, from the exterior of the client's home or building, residential evaluation, design planning and construction, as well as home decoration, photo taking, and warranty, so that our clients can easily enjoy a one-stop service. In addition, we also provide remote and multi-lingual services such as English, Japanese, Cantonese, etc., so that our clients can easily enjoy our services regardless of their geographical or language barriers.
Our interior design experts will provide professional advice and suggestions to our clients and pay attention to details and innovation in each project to realize our client's dreams and expectations. Our services are limited to residential space and include commercial and office space. We aim to create a beautiful, comfortable, functional, and creative interior environment for our clients, giving them an elegant lifestyle and a comfortable decorating experience.

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