IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

San Sheng Tuscan Villa

by Song Renkai

Project Description

San Sheng Tuscan Villa Area: 450 Style: Minimalist Chinese Style Abandon the traditional Chinese style of artificial and complex decoration, and do not make decorative piles, such as carved flowers, wooden lines, moonlit doors These traditional Chinese elements should be used sparingly, preferably not used, and all forms of decoration should be rejected. Break the traditional symmetry rule and achieve a balance in artistic conception. Appropriate blank space, allowing people to see 3 points and leave 7 points, gives people a kind of imagination, allowing the resident to be in it and feel it in their heart. This balance of artistic conception can better express the Chinese style of "stability" and "stillness" than formal symmetry.

Song Renkai

Having been engaged in interior design for more than ten years, there is no absolute good or bad in design, but rather suitability and unsuitability. Everyone has a different definition and understanding of beauty. Respect and listen to the thoughts of every homeowner, combine their professional knowledge to design a unique home for every homeowner friend they want, create a relaxing and comfortable inner home that belongs exclusively to them, design a home with a sense of belonging, and create a warm design

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