IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Saipan private house customizat ionproject

by Ye Tian

Projet Description

Design concept: combining architecture, sculpture and painting together creates a new reality.
The original plot of this case is the woods on the hillside of the local aboriginal homestead, and the design starts with level planning. It not only satisfies the requirements of American construction approval, but also satisfies the client's living demands. The overall definition is modern, and the design team hopes to contribute to the promotion of Chinese design to the world. The design method not only inherits the basic elements and expression methods of the international frontier minimalism, but also through the understanding and refinement of the minimalist design ideas. Use modern symbols to embody the minimalist understanding and implicit charm of contemporary China and integrate them into the entire space. It is also a benchmark design work that represents Chinese designers in the world. The design style is not the superposition of pure minimalist cultural elements, but through the understanding of minimalist culture, injecting modern elegance and artistic conception, so that the space exudes elegance, subtlety, dignity and elegance.
Design concept: Design is to create such an elegant, cozy, unrestrained and thoughtful art space with extraordinary life rhythm.

Ye Tian
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