IDPA Japan Design Award

Return to nature

by Fei Ding

Projet Description

Back to essence
This case rewrites the traditional Chinese style of antique, carved beams and columns, and replaces it with an office space that is close, natural, simple, cordial and rich in content. Taking into account the demand for space functions, the space planning focuses on the combination of the negotiation area and the office area. The two spaces are relatively independent and convenient for communication. The negotiation area is based on the Chinese style, removing the thick and richness of the previous Chinese style, and interpreting the fresh and elegant Chinese style. The combination of soft furnishings creates a tranquil Zen atmosphere. The office area is matched with modern elements, the publicity spider chandeliers, and the exposed cement top surface make the whole space more creative and passionate. The lighting design uses point light sources to enhance the atmosphere.

Fei Ding
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