IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Reminiscent story in the new space

by Nianwei Zhu

Projet Description

A. Project positioning-unique design planning and positioning of the work
How to make the most fashionable design with low cost, how to enlarge the sense of hierarchy and visual sense of the space through design
B. Space artistic conception-the creative point of the work in environmental style
The collision and fusion of new and old materials, using the simplest materials to create a stylish space atmosphere
C. Spatial layout-the innovative point of the work in the spatial layout
The construction area of this project is 114 square meters, and the actual area is 89 square meters, which is transformed from ordinary compartments in office buildings. The original space is small and ordinary, and has no connection with the external public aisle. In the design, we use the borrowed scenery and the internal space to build. Combining with the construction rule of one hospital, two hospitals and three hospitals in architectural design, try to change the psychological and visual reaction of the spatial layout in a small space through design techniques. Small first and then big, front and back are high and low, the primary and secondary are distinct, and the space can be expanded by small.
D. Design material selection-the innovative point, low carbon and economy of the work in design material selection
Construction site scaffolding, exposed concrete floor, old stone troughs, old red bricks, old beams, old stained windows, scrap attic slabs, old elm doors, dilapidated stone lions, tree branches picked from the roadside, flea markets Black-and-white television in the era of planned economy, we ourselves went to various places to inspect the paintings we painted, and the waste wood generated in the decoration.

Nianwei Zhu
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